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Voland Service

How can you tell what is wrong with our balance without seeing it?

Our balance technicians have a combined total of over 60 years of experience working with Voland HCE balances.  We'd like to think that we have "seen it all."  Because of the simplicity in design, there are only so many things that can go wrong with the balance.  Every answer that is given on the Voland Data Sheet eliminates certain problems.  The most important judgment that we make is whether or not the balance can be serviced in the field, or if some of the components need to be sent to our facility for reconditioning.

How long will it take to get our balance serviced?

We realize how important these balances are to most organizations.  We make balance repair our top priority.  When we receive information on a balance, we analyze the information and place a return call with our recommendations within 1 business day.  If a course of action is agreed upon, we will make immediate arrangements to either have components shipped to us, or for one of our technicians to make a trip to your facility.

Why is it sometimes necessary to send components in for servicing?

Most service issues can be dealt with by our technicians at your site.  If, however, the knife edges or agates bearing surfaces are nicked or dulled,  we would need to have certain components sent to our facility for conditioning.  We use specialized instruments to recondition and realign these critical components, so field service on them is not practical.

Our balance has an analog null meter.  Can you upgrade it to a digital readout?

We do offer upgrades to digital electronics.  Since Voland made several changes on their balances over the years, we would need to get information on your balance  .Please call us for additional information.


Raymor Balances


What is the lead time for new balance orders?

We are currently quoting 8 to 10 weeks for HCE-10 and HCE-25 models.  HCE-100G models are running 10 to 12 weeks. 

How does the Raymor Balance differ from the original Voland™ Balance?

Since both the Voland™ balance and the Raymor balance were designed by the same man (Bernard Wasko), they are very similar in design and operation.  We have updated the electronic package, and the mechanical weigh chain counter has been digitalized.

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