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Raymor bead chain drives are an ingenious adaptation of bead chain combined with special sprockets which provide a flexible, positive driving mechanism at low cost.  By taking advantage of the "swivel" characteristics and spherical shape of the bead chain links, omni-directional positive drives can be designed with great freedom of orientation of the components.  We stock over 35 sizes of our standard brass sprockets for four different sizes of bead chain as well as for plastic bead belt, a related drive material consisting of plastic beads molded onto a plastic cord.  Custom designed sprockets with up to 120 sockets can be supplied.  In addition to stocking a complete line of connectors, links and accessories, we feature a complete, on-premises machine ship to handle any custom designs to your specifications.  Should you require assistance with your application, our engineering department will provide help based on thousands of successful applications.


Brass Sprocket Specifications Page

We stock sprockets for four different chain sizes; #3 (.094 ball diameter), #6 (.125 ball diameter), #10 (.187 ball diameter) and #13 (.250 diameter).  Click on the above link for all of the specifications for our 37 standard sizes.


Design Considerations

Tips on choosing sprockets, joining chain, lubrication, and dimensional and static load charts.


General Considerations

Basic information regarding the design and usage of drive sprockets.


Bead Chain

We stock qualified bead chain in brass, nickel plated brass, and stainless steel for #3, #6, #10 and #13 chain.


Molded Nylon Sprockets

We stock four diameter sizes for #6 chain, ranging from an outside diameter of approximately 7/8" to 1 3/4".  Each size is available with several different bore styles to assist in mounting.


Sprocket Accessories

We carry a complete line of accessories such as connectors, couplings, links and assembly tools to facilitate assembly for any type of application.


Price List

Our current price list and quantity discount chart.


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Last modified: 02/28/08