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Please take the time to fill out the following form as completely as possible and submit it to us.  We will analyze your data and recommend a remedy.  There is no charge for this service, and of course, there is no obligation.







 Voland Model No:    

  1.  Approximately how old is your balance?

  2.  Who made the balance?                      

  3.  Is the readout analog or digital?            

  4.  How often is it used?                           

  5.  Do the bearings (stones) have a noticeable groove in them?             

  6.  Do the knife edges appear to be rounded or have any nicks in them?

  7.  With no load on the pans, does it return to zero when the beam is arrested and released? 

  8.  Does the sensitivity remain constant with no load and with a full load on the pans?           

  9.  Does the balance respond to small weights placed on the pans (ex.20mg)?    

10.  Do the readings tend to vary wildly, or by just a few digits?     

11.  Approximately when was the balance last serviced?     


Please describe below the reason(s) that you feel service may be required:

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