General Information

General Information

  • What do you get when you combine modern electronic advances with tried-and-true weighing theories? The RAYMOR HCE series balance. Designed by world-renowned metrology expert Bernard Wasko, these rugged, ultra precise instruments are being used throughout the world for establishing mass standards, calibrating standard weights, measuring density, gas blending and other ultra sensitive weighing.

  • Raymor balances are simple in design, therefore easy to operate. And of course, they are precise; in fact, so precise that they are used to make measurements with a sensitivity of 1 part in 10 million of capacity, and a reproducibility (standard deviation) equal to or better than twice the sensitivity. In other words, imagine measuring the distance between New York City and Boston (200 miles) within 1.2 inches!

  • All Raymor HCE series balances are self-contained units mounted within a balance case. They are designed to be installed easily on a tabletop or directly on the floor. Due to their unified construction, it is possible to modify the basic model to suit specific applications.

  • Raymor balances are built to last. The frames are constructed from structural grade aluminum channel and solid bar. The panels on the sides and top of the balances are made from dense particle board, laminated with scratch resistant oak Formica. The weight and density of the particle board greatly aids in insuring stability and reproducibility.


    All Raymor HCE balances are available as gas balances by increasing the hanger height to accommodate the appropriate gas cylinders. Simply put, the Raymor line of gas balances are the ultimate instruments for sensitivity and precision in scientific gas blending. Our HCE-100G, the largest in our gas balance line, has a capacity of 100kg, with a sensitivity of 10 mg (1 part in 107). The HCE-100G is commonly used to accurately add small increments of one gas to a large quantity of another gas, or to mix a compound gas with components whose fractions vary widely in weight.

  • The HCE-100G balance can be used with cylinders up to 230mm (9") in diameter and 137cm (54") high. The extended height HCE-100GH is available for use with larger cylinders 250mm (10") in diameter and up to 175cm (70") high. The balances come with removable cylinder cradles and a customized hydraulic lift truck for easy transport and loading of the cylinders.

  • The HCE-100G uses an empty cylinder as a tare weight on the right pan and an evacuated cylinder on the left pan to receive the target gases. This technique minimizes the effects of air buoyancy. The operator puts the two cylinders in balance (equilibrium). Next he or she places weights on the right pan equivalent to the weight of the next fill. Gases are run into the target cylinder until the readout reaches zero (signifying that the cylinders are back in balance). Barometric pressure, temperature and humidity will have no effect on the weighing process.

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